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Let's strive to plant seeds of Faith together!

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The future of the Church is sitting at your dinner table...and it's your job to form them.

As Catholic Parents we are called to the PRIMARY EDUCATOR of our children's faith. 

It is our job to teach the Catholic Faith and if we fail to pass the faith onto our kids, the whole Church suffers.

This is serious...and this is a BIG responsibility.  

And what if we are SUPER BUSY?

And what if our own Formation was terrible?

What then?

Let's learn how to build our Domestic Churches, together.

The Catholic Sprouts App is here to help you form your children in the Catholic Faith. Stop stressing and dive into all that we offer so that we can boldly embrace this calling to be Catholic Parents.

Inside the app you will have access to:

👉🏼 a community of Catholic Parents

👉🏼 a bootcamp for the WHOLE FAMILY that will help you establish your Domestic Church

👉🏼 Whole Family Devotionals for every Liturgical Season

👉🏼 On-going formation for Catholic Parents, so that you can share TRUTH with your children when they ask the tough questions.

👉🏼 Engaging Audio Stories about the saints that help your kids understand their own emotions.

👉🏼 and so so much more!

Join us. We are better together.

See you inside!

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